Employee Performance Data Analyst



This two-day hands-on course will help you master an easy-to-apply business intelligence framework that extends data analytics to understanding the performance of people on almost every performance management model.

This course is ideal for Human Resource, Operations and Performance Analysts looking to learn hands-on skills to deliver higher impact using Microsoft Excel, Ranking Method and simple Data Modelling Techniques. All the analysis is done using real world data collected on employee performance across multiple departments and industries. Examples and exercises draw from diverse industries such as healthcare, financial services and real estate.


  • The Performance Analysis & Evaluation Framework
  • Create analyses and establish reports and dashboards that can be used to analyse and improve performance and performance measures.
  • How to determine performance inefficiencies based on employee roles
  • Developing a performance improvement strategy and solution for nonperformance
  • How to perform ad-hoc research and performance analysis to drive management decisions
  • Creating advanced charts and graphs to highlight performance issues
  • Analyzes job processes for efficiency improvement, and automate performance reporting using MS Excel which can be integrated to your existing software

Participant Mix

This programme is designed for everyone whose work requires the analysis of employee and team performance and advanced reporting, HR managers and directors and head of operations. Individuals tasked with running performance analytics and performance initiatives within HR, such as employee engagement, workforce planning, and employee rewards, as well as those that lead teams of statisticians and analysts, will also find the course invaluable.