HR Data Analytic & Reporting with MS Excel



Most managers and working professionals who work with Excel are unable to use advanced tools and functions in Microsoft Excel for data management, analytics and reporting. This intensive, hands-on course demonstrates the full capabilities of the MS-Excel program for a wide range of data analysis and reporting including Macro Creation, Advanced Analysis, Data Importing, KPI monitoring and Enhanced Management Reporting. The course has been developed and is delivered by an experienced Microsoft Excel Consultant, and focuses purely on the practical applications of Excel that can be used in everyday work. Each participant will have the opportunity to set up advanced spreadsheets during the course, and experiment with conducting a wide range of business analysis and reporting under controlled conditions

By the end intensive 3-days seminar, you will be able to:

  • Set up Excel databases and pivot tables to effectively use the same data for different purposes.
  • Develop projection and trend analysis spreadsheets to assist with management decision making and managing external factor risk.
  •   Import data directly from other applications to make a wider range of information available for analysis.
  •   Conduct advanced analysis, KPI tracking, sensitivity and margin analysis to help highlight issues in data.
  •   Take advantage of Excel’s many specialized features to produce management reports, quickly and easily.
  •   Master automatic creation of graphs and charts to help illustrate key business issues and trends.
  •   Utilize Macros and advanced functions to save time when manipulating data and automating the production of management reports and charts.